#1 thing every girl should know about the workplace

So yesterday I had a conversation with a new member of the Moxie Squad.  We’ll call her Jane.  Jane had a run in with a “mean girl” at work who snaked her by taking sole credit for a project in order to look good in front of the boss.  Jane felt betrayed.  She always goes to lunch with the mean girl and thought she was her friend.  Jane looked forlornly at me with her young, innocent eyes and asked, “Do nice guys always finish last?”  Girl, do I have an answer for that!  Listen up, because this may be the most important thing you need to know about the work world.  In life and in business, people are not always as nice as we are. In fact, many people are not nice at all.  As women, we’re raised from birth to be kind and helpful and accommodating.  We’re taught to believe that others will treat us the way we want to be treated and will go out of their way to help us.  Listen up ladies:  this is not the case.  Particularly in the workplace where competition breeds naturally.  And here’s a sad truth:  men are leaps and bounds ahead of women when it comes to workplace politics and positioning themselves to shine in front of the powers that be.  So, be warned and be prepared.  I’m not suggesting that you can’t be nice in the workplace, although the mean girl did win round one with my new friend, Jane. You can be nice and successful.  I’m just saying be smart about it.  Always keep in mind that the only one who will ever look out for you is you.  You have friends and family outside of the workplace, and your work colleagues are often just that, colleagues.  Here’s an additional piece of advice – listen carefully…don’t tell any part of your history if it doesn’t cast you in the best possible light!  And certainly don’t divulge any secrets.  NEWSFLASH:  there is no such thing as a secret.  EVER.  Do not be fooled or it will be a painful lesson to learn.  Instead, be professional, be confident and be fierce!



Embrace your moxie: I challenge you to choose one thing you’ve done well at work in the past week and find a way to bring it to the attention of your boss.  Let me know what you do and what reaction you get.  It may be uncomfortable, but it will be worth it!

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