3 Simple Steps for OWNing Your Room

PinkPlayPauseMany of you have asked me, “What exactly does OWNing my room mean?” Terrific question!

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version.

It’s how you present yourself to the world.
It’s how you handle a situation.
It’s moving with confidence, sophistication, power, and quite frankly, a fair dose of swagger.

The result? 

All eyes are on you, and you’ve got the full attention of your room. Picture Oprah, Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth, or even Lady Gaga.  They are all perfect examples of women who OWN their rooms wherever they find themselves.

This easy acronym will help you remember the three primary steps for OWNing Your Room:

O = OW.

“Ow,” as in “pain.”  Sometimes it takes a little pain to stretch out of your comfort zone.  But as the saying goes, “no pain, no gain,” and there’s no instance where this was more true.

W = WOW.

As in “impress the <bleep> out of them.”  In order to OWN Your Room, you have to wow everyone in the entire room every single time.  That means preparing before you enter the room, taking command when you enter the room, and leaving a lasting impression after you leave the room.

N = NOW.

As in “don’t wait for tomorrow.”  This is a mantra that I earnestly pass along to you.  “Take action now” is the formula for success 98% of the time.  So often, women think too much, research too long, and paralyze themselves with fear, while simply taking action of any kind is all they need to do.

OWNing your room is not without its pitfalls.

In upcoming articles we will work through the most common mistakes that I found in implementing the OWN technique.

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Moxie Mamas: Who are the women in your life, or in the media, that have real game when it comes to OWNing their rooms? Share ‘em in the comments below, then Like, Share, Tweet, +1, and Pin It! xo. ~KG

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  1. Tina Turner and Beyonce OWN it when they step onstage!

  2. I agree with you, Melinda! And, love her or hate her… I’d put Lady Gaga in that category too. She OWNs ANY space she’s in!

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