5 Tips For Unplugging While On Vacation

stockfresh_106842_jumping_sizeXSWith laptops, smart phones, high speed Internet and the like, we can work from anywhere. That’s great when you want a mobile office on the go, but how about when you’re trying to take a vacation?

Do you ever truly unplug?

Your vacation time is meant to recharge and re-energize you.

You should have illegal amounts of fun.

If, while vacationing, you’re always busy checking your email on your phone, you’re defeating the whole purpose. And, turning your vacation into just another business trip. Bummer.

Here are 5 quick tips to anxiety free time away:

Plan ahead. Coordinate with one co-worker to serve as your backup while you are away. Bring them up to speed on all of your projects a couple days before you leave. This allows time for them to ask any questions before your vacation clock starts ticking. This would be a good time to make a list and check it twice. Of course you will reciprocate when it’s their turn at vacation.

Let your key clients know that you’ll be on vacation and out of the loop. If you keep them up to speed on how long you’ll be out and who to contact in an emergency, I guarantee they will wish you happy trails.

Leave your work equipment home. Who wants to travel with a laptop and briefcase anyway?

This one is radical, I know…try leaving your phone in your hotel room. *Gasp* You may not be able to do it all the time, but try it when you’re going to the beach, to the amusement park with your kids, or out for a romantic dinner with your S.O. Your family and friends will thank ME for this one.

Trust your co-workers. You aren’t the only one keeping the place going on a daily basis. Trust that your designated backup will handle anything that comes up professionally and appropriately. Because they will.

And, here are 5 quick tips to ease your burden on the road:

Allow extra time to get places. Just do it.

Board the plane last. When the gate agent calls for boarding, let everyone else trip over each other so they can then stand in the hot jet way checking their email on their phones. Wait until the final boarding call to board.

Listen to an audiobook on the plane or in the car. I could not survive without my subscription to Audible.com.

Pack as light as possible. Wear comfortable airport attire, with shoes you can take off easily at the airport. And wear the same outfit on the return – so you have one outfit to get there and back.

Load up your room with the kind of snacks you like. And, take snacks on the plane or in the car. Keeping healthy snacks close by will help minimize some of those extra vacation lbs. that often creep up.

And one BONUS tip:

You know how when you get on your flight you have to put your bag above and your purse beneath the seat? There are always things you want during the flight, so let’s make this easy. Keep them all in a small bag – think makeup bag size – and put it in your seat pocket underneath the tray table. Here’s what I like to keep in mine: iPhone, hand sanitizer, People magazine, a snack, hand cream, lip balm, phone charger (in case I get trapped in the airport), Advil, Dramamine (yep, I’m that girl), mints, and an inflatable neck pillow.

So now you have no reason, might I say excuse, for not having a vacation that truly recharges your battery.

I’m eyeballing YOU! Now in the words of Frankie Goes to Hollywood…Relax.

Share Your Moxie: What travel tips would you add to the ones above? Share them in the comments section. And, share this article with someone who needs it. xo. ~KG

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