7 Biz Lessons From Your Best {Four-Legged} Friend

HowUDoinIf you’ve ever had a dog, I’ll bet you’ve learned a lot from your furry little baby and may not even realize it. Things like an appreciation for the simple things in life, the decadence of an afternoon nap, and the power of unconditional love are priceless gifts that we all need more of.

But your pup can also teach you a few lessons that translate into your business life:

Be curious. Everything is exciting and new. Sometimes it just takes trying on a different perspective.

Be vocal when you need something. I don’t know about you, but at my house there are two times of day when we are on high alert. Mealtime. And, how’s this for a two-fer?

Enjoy every delicious bite. Really appreciate what you’re digging into.

Don’t try to be something you’re not. I mean, fierce just doesn’t work if you’re a love bug. Well, you can be fierce without being fierce. You get that, right?

Always be ready to jump in. With enthusiasm. People notice. Particularly those you report to.

Show people you are happy to see them. Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. I bet it will win you more clients, sales, and positive attention.

Live in the moment. Don’t wait for that elusive “some day”. Today is your day. Every day.

Have fun. We all gotta make The Benjamins, but taking time out to play will make you more creative, more productive, and more profitable. As business people, we just don’t play enough.

Frisbee throw, anyone?

{I was gonna say belly rub, ‘cause that’s really popular in my house, but thought that would be borderline inappropriate. See how good I am at filtering?!?}

Moxie Mania: Do you have a furry, four legged teacher at home? What’s the # 1 thing you’ve learned from your pet? Share it in the comments below. Then share the love on your fav social media site. The buttons below make it supa easy! xo. ~KG

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  1. LOVE this article! It’s so true – all of those things apply at work – especially at work!!! But first, LOVE that great picture! Those big brown eyes filled with Moxie attitude. He knows what’s what and he’s just waiting for you to ask, “what?”. I’ve always felt our furry four-legged loved ones are the most insightful, wise, and happy family members. They interrupt the steady stream of stressful energy around us with love, curiosity and pure joy for the little things that we overlook. Thanks Kelli and LG!

  2. Little Guy is sending you a big, sloppy kiss Melinda! xo.

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