8 Things Every Teenage Goddess Should Know

FistBumpThose annoying back to school commercials are everywhere now and my thoughts are drawn to my own end of summer memories. I was usually excited about starting a new school year, but clearly remember some feelings of fear too. The cliques in the lunchroom, the “cool” section of the bleachers, changing for gym class with all the girls who didn’t look like me… scary stuff!

Remember the movie “Back to the Future”? If only I could go back to when I was 14 and tell myself it was all going to be okay. No. FREAKING AMAZING!

Young women face so many tough choices, challenges and feelings. My experiences in life have led me to the realization that my mission in life is to empower young women. It’s my passion. It’s why I’m here talking to you! We can change the future.

So here are the 8 things I want every teenage GODDESS to know about life. {Add your words of wisdom in the comments section!}

1. Sometimes school sucks.

I know, I reeeeeeallly do. Been there, survived that! And you will too. School can be hard, boring, sad, frustrating. It can also be a fabulous place to learn life lessons like tolerance and appreciating differences in life experiences. Learn about your classmates – their cultures and customs and values. Then look for the similarities. We’re all connected in some way. Find one!

2. It’s going to get better.

Life really does get better. Even if your life is pretty darn good right now (which I hope it is!), hold on because it’s not only going to get better. It’s going to be AMAZING. When things are feeling really dark and you don’t think they’ll ever be better, remember that you are a beautiful, inspiring being who will have love, happiness and success if you BELIEVE in yourself!

3. Embrace your inner “MOXIE.”

Love, cherish, celebrate the stuff that makes you unique, interesting and exciting to be around. When you have the chance, sing the songs you want to sing, wear your hair however you want to. Ignore what everyone else is doing. Tell the world, “I LOVE doing this and this is who I LOVE being, and if you think that’s weird, that’s cool with me.”

 4. Discover your passion.

Keep track of what makes you light up inside. Not sure? Keep a journal, take classes that aren’t required, join clubs, get a part time job, volunteer. Explore. DO! And you’ll find it!

5. You CAN have a career doing something you totally love.

There are SO many opportunities to use your passion to make a living. AND if you don’t know what that is right now, that’s TOTALLY okay! Don’t worry about deciding that now. Just know that when you do have a vision of what you want, you CAN make it happen.

6. Find a couple of people who “get” you and hang out with them.

You have my permission to ignore everybody else if you want to. Your choice. Enough said.

7. Being 13-18 is a roller coaster ride.

It’s a crazy time when your body is changing and your hormones push your emotions to the limit. And you’re at a school where there are at least 200 other people riding that same crazy roller coaster.  You’re all walking around, bumping into each other, getting hurt and trying to figure it all out. My advice? Be as kind and gentle with yourself as possible. Treat the other riders with the same compassion.

8: You can’t be everyone’s BFF.

But you can be your own. It’s a fact that there’s nothing you can do that will make everyone love, appreciate or approve of you. And that’s okay, because that’s your job. Love, appreciate and give yourself permission to be exactly who you are. Because you’re PERFECT!



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