Are you Inflect-ious?

stockfresh_2561226_school-girl-looking-up-at-question-mark-symbols_sizeXS1.jpgALERT! ALERT! There’s a dangerous inflection hiding in your subconscious!

It can infect your credibility and steal the power right out from underneath you.

I call it QUESTIONITIS! And it’s so annoying. {You know I’m hopelessly devoted to empowering you, so I certainly don’t want you to be annoying.}

It’s caused by a common inflection. The question mark. Good question mark gone bad, that is.

If you don’t verbally use a question mark correctly, you could be robbed of your personal power and influence.

Here’s an example of a bad case of Questionitis from someone introducing herself:

Her: I’m Lara Croft?

Me: I don’t know, are you? You don’t sound sure. Are you trying out your name?

If Y-O-U end a statement with an upward inflection – you’ve been infected with Questionitis!  *cootie alert*

Try it for yourself. Read the following sentence exactly as it appears: I saved the company 2 million dollars?

Sound confident, strong, sure? Uhm…no? NO! It screamed INSECURITY.

Finishing that statement with a question mark diminished your accomplishment. You definitely didn’t OWN it.

Read it again: Last year I saved the company 2 million dollars.

Hear the difference? I thought so.

Trust me, I know voicing your accomplishments or negotiating a raise or a client contract is a big deal.

You’ve got to put on your power pumps {or panties}, and bring it, baby!

Tentative and insecure have no place in your life.

Don’t give away your power with the slip of a question mark.

You DESERVE it. So OWN it. PERIOD. {See what I did there?!?}

Moxie Poll: Do you put an upward inflection at the end of sentences, or just find it annoying? Sound off in the comments below. And share this with every woman you know. Together, we will banish Questionitis! xo. ~KG

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