Are You Phone-o-genic?

Asian student on the phoneI’ve talked about OWNING your room, your career, your life…everywhere, every time, every minute! So are you?


Now, I’m an open-minded, nonjudgmental type of chick. I AM! But I’m human. And like other mere mortals, I make certain assumptions based on what I see and hear.

We all do it.

Recently I’ve caught myself making negative assumptions about people I’ve never even met based on something really simple.

So what is this deadly first impression-killer you ask?

Your outgoing phone message.

Have you listened to it lately?

People often “meet” you for the first time when they get your voicemail.

Does your message reflect the real you?

Does yours sound upbeat, professional and confident? Is it conversational?

Or is it flat, low energy and recited like a Miranda Warning on Law and Order?

Here’s what I want you to do…


RRRRRring…It could be a potential client, or that employer you’ve been dying to work for…or a hot date! *wink wink*

Your voicemail message begins and within seconds they’re making assumptions about your intelligence, credibility, and if they want to meet you – all based on the sound of your outgoing message!

As they listen to your tone of voice, pacing and words they’re getting a picture of you in their mind.

So make sure they get your good side!

Your voicemail message should reflect the true, very best, most amazing you.

Your Moxie Assignment: Make your outgoing phone message as fabulous as you are. You never know. I might call to check! xo. ~KG

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