Are you ready for a PROMOTION?

Studies show that companies do over 35 percent of their annual hiring in the summer, so promotions are likely to go down then, too. Many times you need three to four months to get on your boss’s radar, so now is your time! Here are a few pointers to put you on the fast track:

Build Relationships. Doing good for others (both your boss and colleagues) makes them more likely to do good by you. Simple things like asking, “How are my reports working for you?” could make your boss’ life – and yours – easier. It’s a great way to score karma points just by being intentional with your common courtesy.

Prioritize Like a Pro. The cold hard fact is if it’s not important to your boss, it’s not mission critical to your job. Make sure you’re putting your efforts toward the things that matter. If you’re unsure, look for the right moment to say, “Let’s make sure we’re on the same page.” This will prove your desire to work S-M-A-R-T rather than spin your wheels on busy work.

Keep It Positive. Companies, more specifically bosses, see negativity as a major threat to productivity. But, rest assured, there’s no need to, ahem, B.S. on this one. Support what you agree with and zip it on what you don’t…at least until that promotion is yours!

And, my most important piece of advice? Drum role please… Take action NOW! Action trumps intention every time. And, for the record? This will not be the only time you hear me say that. Just sayin’.

Build your moxie: In order to differentiate yourself in your workplace, it’s important to know your industry. This week, choose one news article a day that is most relevant to your work and read it, well… completely. Find an opportunity to share what you’ve learned with your boss and / or colleagues. We’d all love to hear your results – share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Alison (Lemke) Purdy says:

    Hi kellie,

    I’m looking to update my resume and am wondering if you have any tips to make me stand out.


  2. Hi, Alison!

    Yes, I DO have a few tips to make your resume (and you) stand out!

    1. Tweak your resume slightly to match the job opportunity you are applying for. Use key words from the job description or posting when describing your skills/abilities. This is critical.
    2. Ditch an objective or purpose statement and use a summary statement instead. Make this a summary of your skills/accomplishments and put it top center of your resume.
    3. In your description of job experience, focus on your skills and accomplishments. Make your accomplishments as specific as possible using stats, numbers, percentages, etc.
    4. Make sure your verbs are action verbs and not passive ones.
    5. Insert a touch of color! One color will do it. Just enough to make your resume jump out of the stack and get a future employers attention!

    Good luck, Alison!


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