Ask for a raise. Wait…what?!?

Woman holding briefcase overflowing with moneyDo you think you deserve a raise but are too afraid to ask for one?

Why is this?!?

Together, we can do this!

You might be surprised (shocked, amazed) at the outcome.

Conduct a self-audit of your awesome.

List all of your achievements in your current role. Think about where you add value to your organization and how you have grown, or significantly contributed to, the business. Write them down.

List your results.

Results take achievements to the next level. Really zero in on the actual, quantifiable results that you’ve achieved. Make sure they are accurate and measurable. You might include statistics, sales numbers, client testimonials and other market specific indicators.

Research salaries for similar jobs.

Check out other industries (and your industry, obvi) to determine what your market value is. In addition to salary, what does the total compensation package include? Get educated.

Create your ideal package.

Make a list of what you would like to receive in salary, and other things, like: car allowance, health and wellness benefits, 401K/pension, and paid time off. Give this a dollar figure as a total package (don’t focus only on the individual pieces and parts of your package.)

Consider the organizational situation.

Please be aware of how the organization is performing overall before you approach your manager for a raise. If times are tough, you are less likely to take home the prize. If the company is performing well, your manager is more likely to be open to your raise request.

Schedule a time with your manager.

Get on her calendar and let her know the agenda will be your total compensation package. Don’t spring that on her for the first time when you’re seated in front of her. Try and schedule this appointment for early in the day so your manager is not distracted by competing priorities and you are not spending the day a nervous wreck while waiting for the appointment.

Practice your pitch.

Practice what you want to say and how you will share the results you’ve achieved that support your request for a raise. Say it out loud. More than once. You can’t hear yourself make the request for the first time the same time your manager is. You want to sound confident and fluid, and practice will help you achieve this.

Consider your manager’s potential objections.

Make a list of some of the possible objections your manager may have and prepare a response for each. If you can’t come up with a response, it’s a valid objection.

Be calm.

Don’t fidget. Take a few deep breaths. Practice your power poses.

Be aware of your body language.

Straighten those shoulders. Sit forward in your chair. Make (and maintain) good eye contact. Smile.

Be positive.

You’ve got to believe in yourself and your achievements, or your manager won’t. This may feel like a bold request, but I promise it won’t end your career. Just the act of asking is a mini-win.

Be assertive.

Use positive, assertive (not aggressive) language when you are informing your manger of why you deserve this increase. Talk about the benefits to the bottom line that you consistently bring to the table. Focus on results, results, results.

Don’t blink, don’t look away.

When you do the actual ask; don’t blink and don’t look away. Hold his gaze and remain calm. This is the most important time to really keep your nerves in check.

Allow your manager to process.

Don’t talk while she process what you have asked for. Sit in the silence. Don’t try and fill the space with talking. It might feel excruciating, but you can do it. It will feel longer than it actually is. Silence is your friend right now.

Be open to options.

Even if a raise isn’t doable at this time, are there other options that would feel good to you? BTW, it’s up to YOU to think of these alternatives and present them. Get creative. Do your research.

The Bottom Line.

If you don’t ask for a raise, you may not get one. You have everything to gain. Be bold. Be confident. You’ve got this!

*high five*

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