Be Your Own PR Agent!

I’ve received a lot of feedback, and great questions, from my previous post No Confidence? No Problem! So, I thought we’d kick it up a notch and propel you into an elevated state of confidence by showing you that there is a way to talk yourself up without turning others off.

Many women don’t give themselves good press. Some even start their opinions with disclaimers like, “I’m no expert, but…” or “this might sound crazy, but…” We women often act modest because we think it will make us more likeable. I’m here to challenge that, my mighty Moxie Squad! If you don’t claim your fame, who will? No one! No one will! Sad, but true. In fact, downplaying your abilities may even lead others to think less of you. Stepping out of your comfort zone and being your own public relations agent is a must!

Nix the negative talk.  When you notice that you’re second-guessing yourself (“This idea may be stupid…”), draw from your inner moxie and rephrase your thought in a positive way (“I have an idea that might work”).  I believe that women sometimes use disclaimers to lower the expectations of others. I’ve found that being decisive and confident will allow you to have more faith in yourself. That will cause others to have more faith and confidence in you too!

Claim your fame. When someone asks what you’ve been up to, don’t spare the details. Explaining how you overcame a challenge or obstacle in your personal or professional life – no matter how small – can earn you respect. Focus on your passions to get yourself more comfortable with singing your own praises. And, when you define yourself as an expert in some way – say, a whiz at writing sales proposals, building client relationships, or fundraising for your favorite charity – you become the go-to person. And that, my friends, makes you indispensable. Generate noteworthy buzz and your self-esteem will soar!

Articulate your marvelous Moxie: Choose one passion, obstacle you’ve overcome, or workplace challenge you’ve solved, and practice telling your story. Practice until you can tell it in two minutes. Then tell two people. Share your results in the comments below to encourage others who are trying to find their Moxie. xo. ~KG


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