Body Language Counts – It’s more than 50% of your message!

CrossedArmsLet’s continue what we started last week with a few more tactics to OWN your room…any room you find yourself in.

What I’m about to tell you will blow your mind.

Did you know that your words are the least important element in how you communicate? Body language is crazy important. And loud.

You know the old line about a picture is worth a thousand words?

Well think about your body language – it’s a series of rapid-fire snapshots that are way louder than anything you’re saying.

In fact, studies show that when you speak your body language is 55 percent of what people hear!

Once you’re powerfully positioned in your room, watch what your body is saying.  Remember these points:

Mirror your audience.

Listen, listen, listen to what they’re saying rather than planning your next response.  Watch for non-verbal cues…yours and those of the others in the room.  Look for crossed arms, lack of eye contact, or emailing on laptop or phone, just to name a few.  If you see anything like this, it’s time to up your energy level so you can re-engage the attention of your audience.

Stand like a champion.

Giving presentations and making speeches is very physical.  Whether you’re on stage or simply standing before a group of people in a conference room, use a “power pose.”  Position one foot in front of the other and place your weight on the back foot.  Hold your head up, drop your shoulders back, lean your torso slightly forward – and smile.

Elbows on the table, please.

When sitting, throw social etiquette to the wind and put your elbows on the table.  Not just your hands, but your elbows too!  Sit up straight, lean forward, and place your forearms on the table.  Never lose eye contact with your audience.

Practice Your Moxie: I’m still eyeballing you, Sister! Even from the back of my head. This week pay particular attention to your body language and the unspoken messages you are sending. Let me know about your “a ha” moments in the comments below. A big virtual smooch coming your way if you’ll Like and Share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Oh, and, Pin It too. xo. ~KG

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