Bring It!

Exciting news, Moxie Squad…I’ve written a book just for you! It’s a business book for women who want to kick procrastination to the curb and take bold action to really OWN their room and their career. It’s called, drum roll, please… Bring it, Bitches! The Stop-Waiting-Start-Doing Guide to OWNing Your Room and Your Career, and it will be available at all the likely spots in the next month (Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, and more). Here’s a little excerpt to pique your curiosity!

“When you hear gurus talk about gaining confidence and power, do you ever wonder why they make it sound so complicated and mysterious?  Do you ever ask, “So what am I really supposed to do and how do I do it?”

If you’re anything like me, you want the how without all the fluff.  In this book, I want to prove to you that personal power and being a strong woman isn’t a mystery.  It’s about taking bold, informed action to create the career you love and life you deserve, even when it seems like a Really Big Scary Thing.

I assure you that nothing – nothing – will happen until you take action.  Read on, gorgeous one.  I’m giving you an arsenal of {11} practical actions!”

{Here’s a little snippet of one of the actions…it’s also a mini explanation of the crazy book title.}

“Risk being called the Big B.  No one is really shocked to hear a man raise his voice in a business meeting or see him show his frustration publicly.  For some reason, it’s even okay for men to shout sometimes!  But we women are taught to control our anger.  So when we feel upset, we internalize it.  When a woman shows anger, people are suddenly uneasy.  They perceive her as difficult, unladylike – okay, I’ll put it out there – they see her as a bitch.

Just be very cautious when you show anger.  You have every right to feel angry.  But when you do, take a deep breath, consider what you want to say, and say it in a controlled, respectful manner.  This is called professional courtesy, regardless the gender.  People may still call you a bitch behind your back, but you know what?  You can own that too!  It proves that you’re not sitting back silently taking whatever comes your way.  You’re actively (and vocally) participating.  That’s what I mean when I say bring it, bitches! “ (Extracted from Bring it, Bitches! The Stop-Waiting-Start-Doing Guide to OWNing Your Room and Your Career)

How F-U-N is that?! Happy face, happy dance! I can’t wait for you to read the entire book!

Moxie Moment: I’m so grateful for a platform to tell my story and share what I’ve learned along life’s way, in order to shorten your learning curve on your pathway to success! Take a moment to share, in the comments below, what you are grateful for today. It does your heart good! ~KG

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  1. LOVE IT!!! BRING IT BITCHES!!! I’ll be buying the first copy unless another Moxie Squad Superwoman beats me to it. I have a question about the cover of the book – does it feature a Moxie Doxie?

  2. The Moxie Doxie is more of a behind-the-scenes guy, Melinda. He DOES get a couple of honorable mentions in the first couple of pages. HILARIOUS!! xo. ~KG

  3. Bring it! I’m breathless with excitement to see the published book. It’s going to be haw-w-wt!

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