Bring the Funny to Boost Your Career

Young female pointing at youLighten up.

Smile more.


Humor is your friend.

The timely and appropriate use of humor is an asset to any leader.

Humor cuts the tension in any situation.  I’m not sure why, but a sense of humor seems to be rare in businesswomen. Hmmmm…

You can be funny!  You can win fans by being funny!  Don’t be afraid to use humor to connect with your audience.  The best is when you’re self confident enough to poke fun at yourself.

Humor demonstrates an ease and optimism, a confidence that invites your listeners in and establishes your credibility.  It adds a fun factor to any presentation.

And humor makes you more memorable.

Most important, don’t take yourself too seriously.  “Lighten up” is good advice for 95% of women.  To pick up some helpful tips, watch your favorite comedian perform.

I think Ellen DeGeneres, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Whitney Cummings are hilarious.

The one caveat is that it’s never okay to use off-color humor in a business setting.  Never.

Good humor can bring people together and accelerate a feeling of connection, but poor humor can be one of the strongest repellents known to man. It pays to know the difference.

And speaking of pay? Some studies say that funny people make more money. Huzzah!

Practice your Moxie: This week, incorporate humor into one of your presentations or business meetings. Start simple then let us know in the comments below how being a workplace comedian impacts the way people respond to you. xo. ~KG

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