Bring It, Bitches!”

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Calling all career sisters who want more! Many women in the business world seem to believe in certain fairy tales that keep them trapped in careers of quiet desperation, earning less than they deserve, and getting passed over for leadership roles. That’s just sad. 

In this game-changing book, you’ll find how to radiate confidence and power when you’re speaking with people at every level, channel your inner Moxie, so you ask for what you want and Get It, and how to OWN a meeting, sales presentation, interview, or any room you find yourself in. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to take action now to create the career you love – and the life you deserve.

Praise for Bring It, Bitches!

“This book is great for anyone who wants to do something about their career but are stuck or overwhelmed by the thought of it. When I finished it I was really excited about taking action on things I’ve been thinking about doing for over a year but was unsure of where to start. Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for inspiration AND a “how-the-heck-do-I-achieve-it?” guide!” – MELINDA THOMAS (Amazon Review)

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“Kelli helps you find the confidence within to respond to situations that we tend to avoid. You will find step-by-step advice to gain the respect of your peers and climb the ladder of success without stepping on toes.” –JENNIFER WHEELER (Amazon Review)

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