Business Networking For Realz!

Hands of young guys and girls showing unitySo a Businesswoman walks into an elevator… stop me if you’ve heard this one! Ha.

Let’s chat for a minute about networking.

Meaningful networking – not a massive business card blitz that leaves you feeling exhausted, and even a little bit like a slickster.

It’s important for women to continually build relationships – not only for your personal life, but also for your career.  Sure, it’s always great to snag a new client, but having good relationships and interactions with people around you could benefit you for a lifetime.

The critical success factor when it comes to networking is to build relationships first and foremost.  Your best clients will be people you genuinely like and trust and who genuinely like and trust you!

So let’s take a minute to talk about this “elevator speech” you may have heard about but don’t really know what the heck it means.

The thinking goes…when you walk into an elevator, you have about a minute to introduce yourself to a person in the elevator, if you are so inclined.  What could you say that would catch their attention in that short of a period of time?  What would you tell them about yourself and your business that would get them interested?

This is your “elevator speech,” and you should have one ready whenever you go to an event.  It doesn’t have to be different each time. Spend some time creating it once, and then it’s a matter of fine-tuning it from then on. Practice makes perfect!

As for where to network? Figure out where your ideal clients hang out, and go there at LEAST once a week.  Networking is not something you can do randomly.  You have to be dedicated to it!

Try looking for meet-ups, clubs, or other places.  Join an association.  The possibilities of new clients, new relationships, or new influencers are endless.

When you find your “ideal client” – ALWAYS go above and beyond for them.  You may know already that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, and that’s still true.  Which is why networking, especially in person, is so important.

The number one networking tip I can give you is to be genuine.  Be original.  Be yourself.  Think about the qualities that make you different from everyone else.  You are your own brand and when you network, you market Y-O-U.

What makes your marketing message unique?  Use that to catch the interest of potential clients and build relationships all around you.

Every day is an opportunity to build your business, and every single person you know has the PERFECT client in mind for you!  Don’t let those networking opportunities go to waste. Be courageous, take action now, and go forth and build meaningful relationships!

Share the Moxie: What is your very best networking tip or technique? Share it in the comments below to help out your fellow Moxie Squadsters! xo. ~KG

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