Clarity is Power!

Do you have extreme clarity about what you really want? Here’s the thing. I often find that people don’t know what they really want out of life. Here’s the problem with that.

Clarity is the ultimate power. If you don’t know what you want, how are you going to get it or recognize it? In fact, maybe you already have what you want, or it’s already in your life somewhere, but you just don’t see it.

There is really nothing more important than clarity. If you don’t know where you’re going, girl, how are you gonna get there? You can’t, right? Without clarity you actually cannot take strategic action.

Another downside? If you are not clear about what you want, you will get very inconsistent results because you end up just doing ‘stuff’ every single day. It can be very deceiving because you may feel very busy. You may even feel productive, but you’re not going to get the results you desire because you don’t have clarity around what it is that you really want.

Clarity gives you power. The way I help my private clients get clarity is by helping them create a vision for their future and developing a mission around their vision. Yep, vision and mission statements just like in big biz! When developing this vision and mission, I don’t allow them to play small either. Now is the time for you to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before. If you can’t dream that big by yourself, then pick up the phone and call me, Sister, because my clients will tell you that I am incomparable at encouraging them to think and act big enough for them to create a big juicy vision that they can sink their teeth (and their actions) into! And get really clear about exactly what it looks like.

A compelling vision is going to help you succeed and be more satisfied with your life, and ultimately get the most out of your business relationships. In fact, many leadership and personal development experts emphasize the importance of crafting a vision for your life. And, an added bonus? Your vision can help you to take action now and inspire those around you to get clear around their own dreams.

Practice your Moxie: Today, I want you to get clear about what you desire most from today. Take two minutes to think about it and then write it down. Set the clear intention to receive it, and see what happens. Let me know your results in the comments below. Tomorrow, rinse and repeat! xo. ~KG

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