Create Your Personal Brand

A ‘personal brand’ is in many ways identical to your reputation.  It refers to the way other people see you.  Are you smart?  Creative?  Are you trustworthy?  What do you stand for?  What opinions pop into another’s head as soon as they hear your name?

Your personal brand is powerful and is shaped by how you present yourself to the world.  Listen carefully for a minute…  This is something that you have control over.  You can decide how you prefer people to see you and then work on publicly becoming that image.  Think about the key beliefs you want people to associate with you.  What words would you like people to use to describe you?  Analyze your communication style.  This is not so much what you communicate about yourself, but how you communicate it.  Are you casual and funny or formal and serious?  Sweet or sarcastic?  You get my point.  Your style of delivery can be as unique as any other piece of your personal brand.  Don’t try to be like anyone (everyone) else.  Find what makes you unique and highlight it!

Think about your personal brand every time you interact with someone… or choose not to interact with someone.  What impression are you leaving them with?  Try to build relationships with as many people as you possibly can.  Not only is it fun getting to know new people, you have the power to leave a strong impression on the people who interact with you.  The ones who you know best and who feel most connected to you will talk about you to others, and this is how your personal brand grows stronger.  On the flip side, don’t ever be hypocritical.  Avoid doing things that go against your brand or what you stand for.  You don’t want to undue all of the good work you’ve done in creating your best self!

Moxie Moment:  How does creating a personal brand serve you well in business?  What’s at risk if you don’t take the time to create a personal brand?  Share your opinion in the comments below!  xo.  ~KG

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