Difficult Conversation? No Sweat.

Women in struggleRecently I had a coaching session with a private client who was plagued by a problem employee. The time had arrived to “have a conversation.” And having a difficult conversation with another person can be Scary. Yes, with a capital “S.”

One of the reasons you worry so much is that you think you know how the conversation is gonna go down. Let me assure you, you don’t!

You have no idea how the conversation will actually go. You won’t know until you, well, have the conversation.

So quit having the conversation in your head, trying to prepare for every possible scenario.

And, let’s just say for a minute that it’s as bad as you think it will be…do you really think you can’t handle it?!? Ummm, it’s just a conversation. Of course you can handle it!

In fact, you can OWN it. Like a boss.

There are dozens of books on the topic of difficult, crucial, challenging (you get the idea) kinds of conversations. Those times when you know you should talk to someone, but you don’t. Or, let’s call it like it is…you won’t.

Maybe you’ve tried before and it went badly. Or maybe you’re afraid that talking will only make the situation worse.

I want you to think of a conversation you’ve been putting off. Got it?

Great. Let’s go!

Let me assure you that you have more power than you think.

Your goal is to stay in command of yourself, your purpose and your emotional energy.

Once the conversation gets going, it won’t be that hard. I promise. It’s just two humans, who are essentially more alike than different at their core, connecting.

So, how do you begin? Try one of these conversation starters:

“I have something I’d like to discuss with you that I think will help us work together more effectively.”


“I’d like to talk about ___________________. I think we may have different ideas on how to _____________________.”

You’ll get your rhythm after that. And, you’ll be so relieved when it’s all over you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Now we’re talking! xo. ~KG

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