Do You Work Smart…or Just HARD?

There’s a popular saying: Women have to work twice as hard to be considered half as good.  As a result, many women end up working, working, working just to prove how good they are. How valid they are. Have you ever complained that you do more than everyone else? If so, most likely you ARE doing more than everyone else.  Let me bust a little myth for you…and by myth I mean great big, fat lie. People do not get ahead because they work hard. Honestly, no one gets promoted based purely on hard work. Don’t get me wrong, a strong work ethic is critical, but there are a lot of other factors that go into creating a successful career. Things like strategic thinking, being a team player, meaningful networking, and just plain likability.

You will always be expected to carry your fair share of the workload, but that doesn’t mean your focus should be working obsessively like a little ant.  It’s hard to break old habits, and sometimes it requires breaking out of your comfort zone to think bigger.  That takes courage, but the majority of time courageous action leads to breakthrough results.

So what does working smarter actually look like? Well, sometimes it requires you to STOP doing some things you’ve always done and START {politely, of course} saying no. Consider no longer raising your hand to volunteer for the low-profile, low-impact assignments that no one else wants. Or, when asked to take on a part of someone else’s workload (disguised as, “can you help me?”)…say firmly, and do NOT apologize, “I’d love to help out but I’m swamped right now.” And then zip it. Stop talking. It’s not your problem to solve – it’s theirs. And say good riddance to any guilt you feel when you say no. You have every right to have balance in both your work and personal life. You deserve it, babe! You’re freaking amazing!

Share your Moxie:  Practice saying no to one thing this week that will buy you back some quality time.  Let me know what it was in the comment section below, and how amazing it felt after you did it! xo. ~KG

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