Email is not a real conversation

Business consultationHow many times per day do you check your email? The average person checks for new email 23 times a work day, destroying their productivity. What?!

Email addiction

Email is a great way to stay busy. If you check your email more than 5 times a day… you might be addicted. The real drawback of constantly checking your email is you train people that you are instantly available. Then you have to check your email constantly in order to be responsive. Or at least appear responsive. You see how this creates a no-win situation?

Email is not a real conversation.

Email has become our default mode of communication. It’s quick. You can communicate a lot of info to a lot of people. You can avoid voicemail jail.

But, and this is a huge but, email cannot convey your tone of voice. Tone is how we communicate our emotions. Our sincerity. Our intentions. A powerful conversation always has an emotional element to it.

Email strips all of that away.

As you read or write text, you imagine (or assume) a particular tone. And you know what they say about assuming. You know you’ve done this. You’re reading an email and suddenly you feel irritated or attacked. You’re instantly ready to fire back a reply. All this based on your assumption of the emotional state of the person writing the email.

The bottom line? You cannot substitute email for real conversations. Particularly difficult conversations.

A Psychology Today study shows that telephone communication has 4 times the success rate of email communication. Imagine how that stat sky rockets with face-to-face conversations!

Make a vow today to ditch email for all urgent communications and for subjects best discussed in person or on the phone.

Bring It Tip of the Day:

OWN your email – don’t let your email OWN you.



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