Get out of your own way!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m on a mission.  I have dedicated my professional career to helping women radiate confidence and power in the workplace.  To achieve true power, you must be diligent about looking deep inside for any obstacles that hold you back.  In other words, often times you have to get out of your own way!  Here are three self-sabotaging behaviors that I want you to break free of for good.

Worrying.  If you’re feeling scared, worried or overwhelmed, it’s time to flip that feeling and get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  In order to grow, you have to experience some discomfort.  It’s easy to become consumed with worry about everything that could go wrong.  That is, if you let your mind go down that path.  Don’t allow it!  Not only is it unproductive, but it drains your energy – making the possibility of failure more likely.  Being prepared for assorted outcomes is one thing, but constant anxiety is useless.  Retrain your brain to embrace the discomfort.  It’s a great indicator that you are taking action, and action is fuel for accomplishment!

Holding Back.  We will never grow the ranks of female leaders unless women at all levels become more assertive.  I have a simple request…When you know something, have the courage to step forward and speak up.  Approach obstacles with confidence, realizing that you have the resourcefulness and know-how to deal with anything that comes your way.  If we don’t all make this commitment, individual women will be left behind and the workplace will suffer.  With intention and practice, you can do this!  Every day push yourself to step up.

Going Solo.  You cannot do it all, and you certainly can’t do it all by yourself.  Surround yourself with a network of people who can offer you encouragement, support and honest feedback.  This is particularly important in business, where the cheese who stands alone, well, stands alone.  Mentors can be family members, friends, coaches, peers, superiors and even those below you in the workplace hierarchy.  A mentor or coach is priceless in the value they bring.

Share your Moxie:  Has there been a time in your life or career when you were your own worst enemy?  When you needed to get out of your own way and didn’t recognize it until it was too late?  Be a mentor and share your experience below with a sister who may be struggling with the same or similar thing.  xo.  ~KG

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  1. I’m receiving lots of private messages about this article. It’s really resonated with a lot of women. So let’s all commit to making a change! xo.

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