How to Boast (Without Bragging)

If you wait around hoping someone else will sing your praises, you might be waiting awhile. Like, maybe, forever. Being able to talk graciously about yourself will help you stand out from the crowd, and help you O.W.N. your room. (Much more coming about O.W.N. Your Room at a later time…you’re gonna LOVE it! I’m giddy about it!)

Always listen first. This is the golden rule. Make an effort to find out what the other person is interested in before you launch into a summary of your résumé. A list of your accomplishments falls flat if they aren’t relevant to the person you’re chatting with.

Be Selective. Rattling off your above said accomplishments makes you a bragger. Simply saying “I’m really happy; I just got my dream job (or finished a dream assignment)” is going to spread positive cheer without boring everyone. And, it most likely will intrigue them enough to ask to hear more!

Make it Short and Simple. Networking shout outs or social media updates should be concise. Being concise is a wonderful concept and will serve you well if you can master it. No one has time to read paragraphs about your recent success. It’s fine to let people know what you’re up to on, say, Facebook, but don’t give too much swagger or try to one-up people with your links and comments. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Stay Visible. Scheduling regular time with your boss or speaking up in meetings allows you to give her updates on your achievements in an appropriate way. Which takes me back to my first sentence…you can’t wait around for someone to sing your praises. This is the right time and right venue to highlight your accomplishments.

And, one last tip…put on lip gloss! Research has shown that makeup can help you see yourself as a more confident, assertive person – even if you didn’t wake up feeling that way. Not to mention, I just love lip gloss!

Moxie challenge: How will you show your swagger this week without, well, having too much swagger? Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to make it happen! Let me know in the comments below what you said or did, and what felt most uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll address that in an upcoming post! XO. ~KG

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