I Want It All! Do You?

Do you want to have it all? Well, duh, doesn’t everyone? What does “having it all” really mean to you? Career, marriage, children, success, happiness? Sounds good, right? Can you have it all without losing you in the process? Does constantly juggling work and family and personal obligations eventually take its toll? Some women give up sleep to gain extra hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done. Others sacrifice personal relationships by putting friends or significant others on the back burner. Am I describing you?

It’s sad that, as women, we even have to consider this question. Are we doing ourselves a disservice by even asking it? Should we assume the answer is hellz yes we can have it all, and proceed accordingly? As a reformed workaholic who wants to enjoy the funnest (okay, this may not be a real word but you know what I mean) of life experiences AND a steady flow of the Benjamins, I say Y-E-S! And the only way we are going to have it all is by, well, making having it all our reality. What you focus on consistently is what you will create in your life. And sometimes it comes down to a simple matter of prioritizing what is truly important to you.

To bring a dose of reality into the equation…one of my private clients recently had a significant health scare. Immediately she focused on what was important to her, and the rest simply did not matter. Another client got put on complete bed rest prior to having her baby. She wrapped things up pretty quickly. Because she had to. My point? Don’t let it take a life altering experience to find a way to have it all, whatever your “all” may be. Apply a laser-like focus on creating the life you deserve, while you’re vibrant and fit enough to enjoy every second of it.  No one will make it happen except for you. You deserve to have it all, baby!

My number one quick-start tip: don’t be a slave to your email inbox! Constantly checking and responding to email is such an unproductive time suck. If you’re always listening for that familiar ping that alerts you that a new email has arrived, do yourself a favor and unplug. Only check in, maybe, two times a day…midmorning and end of day. Reading and returning emails in batches will make you more efficient. I promise. This alone will increase your productivity and buy you back some time to enjoy life!

Share your Moxie: Do you have it all? If so, what have you given up in pursuit of “having it all”? Is “having it all” a realistic goal for women? Chime in and share in the comments below. A little nugget from you could be the lifeline another sister needs to keep on keeping on! xo. ~KG

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  1. Severing the email tether is fabulous advice! I’m an email junkie and unfortunately, once I sit down to check the email then I also check Facebook, then go back to email and then sit there for a few minutes thinking of something else to noodle around with on the computer. And that’s several times each day. I may start turning my computer completely off after my morning wake up fix.

  2. You definitely have revealed the slippery slope, Hewitt. One I can easily get caught up in…email leads to Facebook leads to LinkedIn leads to Twitter leads to endless YouTube videos that Ellen has posted from her show. Who can resist that?! Hours can slip away in the blink of an eye. During the work week, I try to practice what I preach in order to get real work done! (But, on the weekends all bets are off.) Thanks for sharing your insight! xo. ~KG

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