I’m not a 12 stepper – why do I need a Sponsor?!?

goldfish2Do you have a Sponsor? Wait, I have heard of mentors, but what the heck is a sponsor?!?

Welp, mentors are great, but it takes a sponsor to really advance your career.

So just what is the difference between a mentor and sponsor? Think of a mentor as your friendly guide who shares helpful information, offering up feedback and advice. They can give you the inside scoop around the unwritten rules of the company and help you to avoid political missteps.

On the flip side, a sponsor is an organizational heavy weight with the ability to open doors for you. They will personally advocate for a cause, project or promotion on your behalf. In a nutshell, they will likely put in a good word for you when an opportunity arises that you may not even know about. And, they “sell” your abilities to others in the organization. Those who otherwise may never know your name.

Bottom line: your mentor gives you the map on how to navigate the corporate landscape, and your sponsor gets you a ticket to a members only destination.

Now you are probably saying, “Okay, I get it, but how do I get myself a sponsor?”

Eyeball a person in your organization that is well respected and influential. Then find {aka create} opportunities to introduce yourself, get to know him or her informally, and share strategic information about your accomplishments, education/experience, and goals within the company.

Gurrrl, it’s time to get a sponsor. S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself. High five! xo. ~KG

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