It’s All About Personal Responsibility, Baby!

Nothing is more important to personal success than the ability to set, manage, and achieve personal goals. And to achieve personal goals, it takes personal responsibility.

You must focus on and develop the ability to set clear, attainable goals, and then “manage” yourself to the successful completion of each one of them. You gotta accept responsibility for your own actions – whether they are successful or not. What do you do when it feels like you are not achieving one of your goals? Do you procrastinate, blame others, or engage in victim thinking? No – you are bigger than all of that!

So here’s what taking personal responsibility for making your goals a reality looks like. Your goals won’t get done just because you’ve written them down (although this is a critical first step). You have to work your goals. You have to plan how you will achieve each one of them.  Then, you work your plan. Because the flip side is a recipe for anxiety. You can have all of the good intentions in the world, but if you don’t plan how you will achieve your goals and then work your plan, you will not create a career you love and life you deserve.

The next step is to take action now. No matter how big your goals, plans, thoughts and dreams are, they will never become a reality until you act on them. You have to commit to taking personal responsibility for achieving your goals and that means taking action.

You’ll never get where you want to go if you don’t have a clear idea of exactly what you want to achieve. That’s why you have to set goals in the first place. Your goals are your vision for the success you will create. They give you direction and focus. Taking action is what makes your goals a reality.

So, today be excited and inspired and fiercely determined to work your plan. Let’s do this together, gorgeous soul. High five!

Share Your Moxie:  What’s the one goal you are going to take action on today?? Share it in the comments below, and let the Moxie Squad help you with both accountability and support. xo. ~KG

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