Keep It Simple

Once asked to write a full story in six words, legend has it that Ernest Hemingway responded:  “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

In the spirit of simple yet profound, well, shortness…a couple of years ago an online magazine ran a contest for readers, asking them to summarize their life in six words.  The magazine was flooded with responses that morphed into a book called Not Quite What I Was Planning.  How cool is that?

In the business world, there are many instances where brevity serves you well.  Short, sweet and directly to the point is generally a good rule of thumb.  So, in this spirit, let’s all give it a try!  Give me your story, or your best business advice, in six words.

I have advice for playing along.  It’s hard to summarize your life.  Try not to think too hard.  See what I did…played along!

My story:  Business rock star turned Moxie Mamacita.

My theory:  Perfection doesn’t exist; YOU are amazing!

My advice:  Believe you can; take action now.

My request:  Use your voice, tell your story.


Moxie Invitation:  Ladies, share your best business advice. Or, tell me your life story. (In the comments area below, please.) xo.  ~KG

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  1. Lindsay Camp says:

    B+. My blood type, my motto.

  2. Emily Obereder says:

    Mom and artist on the go!

  3. Creative swagger in a professional setting

  4. Tricia Richards says:

    Above all else, you come first.

  5. Dedication as if you own it!

  6. Don’t ever believe in “can’t”. Period.

  7. It won’t always work – keep trying!

  8. My business story: Experts are more PR than PhD
    My advice: Love your work + play every day

  9. Today is the day. Start now!

  10. Jenn Andress says:

    Ask for it – it will come!

  11. Chris Gilpin says:

    If Momma ‘aint happy, nobody’s happy!

  12. Alma MacDougall says:

    Making changes, in words and actions.

  13. Joy K Gilpin says:

    JOYful participant living each day intentionally. {Holla!}

  14. Nikki Megale says:

    You can only sprint so long!

  15. Quinn Haslinger says:

    Super Mom solving learning emergencies!

  16. Jackie Pierson says:

    Live everyday like it’s your last!

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