Personal Style + Personal Brand

Ladies, it is a truth universally acknowledged that men have it easier than women when it comes to dressing for success. Basically, they have a uniform…a suit, khakis and a blazer, or a polo shirt and dress pants depending on the office environment. When men introduce themselves, no one is really paying attention to what they’re wearing. They focus on their personality, their handshake, their eye contact.

A woman’s professional wardrobe, however, is a critical part of our package. It tells a story. It tells your colleagues, your clients or your audience what you’re all about. Do you want others to think you are smart, creative, outgoing, confident? Are you conservative, timid, self-conscious? Your wardrobe has the power to convey all these messages. For realz!

And as you move up the ladder, your wardrobe will prove to be either an asset or a distraction. The primary message you want your clothes to convey: I suited up. I’m ready to play. I have bold ideas and I’m wearing the appropriate armor to achieve my goals.

Personal style is a great thing! You’ll have to work to find your personal style and comfort level. Just be conscious of the personal brand you’re creating. The bottom line is to dress with confidence, creativity, and within the limits of your own personal comfort. Clothing can tell the world not just who you think you are, but who you want to be!

Model your Moxie: What’s your favorite “power” piece of clothing? Flaunt it in the comments below! xo. ~KG

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