Show Me the Money!

Portrait of a pretty young woman showing you a dollar noteDid you know nearly one-fifth of all employees NEVER negotiate their salary when they accept a job? What the what?!

You wouldn’t take the first offer from a car dealer or when buying a house, so why oh why would you accept the first offer from your future employer?

Let that sink in for a minute.

And, here’s a startling statistic…women who fail to negotiate their salaries at the start of their careers could leave a half a million dollars or more on the table. That’s $500,000. Left on the table. That could have been yours.

That’s a whole lotta beautiful shoes (my personal weakness) and other delightful things.

Let’s take it one step further. conducted a 2,000-person survey that found women are more apprehensive than men regarding negotiating, and do it far less. Forty-six percent of men always negotiate salary following a job offer, compared to just 30% of women. And while 39% of men are apprehensive about negotiating, that number jumps to 55% for women.

Think about it.

Do you freak out at just the thought of negotiating for more money?

Does your stomach turn, your palms sweat and your heart pound?

Do you pop Tums or long for a cocktail?

There is a solution.

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You need to learn to powerfully ask for your true market value. And to do that, you must start the conversation (shall we say, negotiation) with offers of benefits that you bring to the table rather than requests.

I know this can feel a little intimidating

I can help you. I can show you how to do this. 

Stay tuned for future articles, or to shorten your learning curve, check out my NEWI Like Big Bucks Guide to Money Negotiations!”

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  1. Coming from someone who has actually used your advice to negotiate a pretty nice contract, I know that you know your stuff, Moxie Mama!

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