Tap Into Your Personal Power!

bringit_superheroDo you believe in super heroes?

I do.

But not like you may think. I am continually surrounded by fairly ordinary people – people just like you and me – doing extraordinary things. Powerful things. Generous things. Selfless things. Small acts of amazing that can transform a moment, an experience, a life.

One of my super powers is seeing the potential all around me! {Notice I said “one of?” Just so you know what you’re dealing with.}

So here’s the thing…

Are you bold enough to unleash your inner super hero?

It can be scary. I get it. You might have to risk looking like a foolio. Or not having all the answers.

But, so what? Even if that happens, you’ll deal.

I know you have an inner personal power that is fighting to be recognized.

It’s the strength you find deep inside when you know you need to spend one more hour preparing for your big presentation. It’s that inner voice that screams you’re NOT defined by the size of your jeans or the money in your wallet.

When you dream about the perfect life for yourself do you dream about being sad? Never laughing? Always fearing others will judge you? Holding back when someone offers you an opportunity that is scary and new?

NO! Of course you don’t!

In your dreams you handle everything with ease! You HELP others. People look up to you and think you’re amazing. Let’s be honest…you BRING IT!

Now here’s the cool part.

You ARE that amazing person right NOW. Don’t keep that super hero locked up inside of you. Let your bright light shine. Let her soar!

You have 86,400 seconds each day to realize your full potential. {You just did the math, didn’t you??}

Do one thing today that your super cool, super confident, super hero alter ego might do.

Like introduce yourself to someone you admire at work. Wear something red. Volunteer to organize the food drive in your neighborhood.

Dream it. Believe it. Become it. The world needs super women just like you. xo. ~KG

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