The Invisibility Cloak

Last week I was on the West Coast visiting family for Thanksgiving. I spent some time at the beach reflecting on the many, many people, experiences and things I have to be thankful for. I was patting myself on the back for how much gratitude I was feeling, and expressing, when something sobering happened that completely humbled me and made me feel like the imperfect human that I am. This story is not a feel good one for me, but I’m gonna share it because I really learned something about practicing what you preach. Or not.

So, I’ve written this book all about owning your room and claiming the life you deserve. I’m all about empowering others to be the brightest shining star they can be. I think every person should flip on their energy switch and let their little light shine. That’s the real key to owning any room. But what if life’s circumstances, or the decisions and steps you’ve taken in the past bring you to a place where you just can’t own it? Or anything else. What if life has made you invisible to others? Has kinda put you under an invisibility cloak?

There is a homeless man who is a “regular” in the parking lot of the hotel where I frequently stay. He’s been there for years and I always look for him. But do I really see him? One morning, I was walking through the parking lot, apparently in my own personal zone, and was almost on top of the guy before I saw him. And, I didn’t really even see him then. I heard him. And what did I hear? He was singing a Christmas song. Away In a Manager. I have tears in my eyes even now as I type this. Who am I? How am I any different from this man? It’s only a life turn or two that lands us both in such different places. I’d like to say that I looked him directly in the eye, that I wished him well, and that I opened my wallet and shared some of the many blessings that I don’t deserve any more than he does. But I didn’t. I just kept walking. For that, I am ashamed and humbled. Because that was the last time I saw him that trip. I didn’t have the chance for a do over, and I vow to do better. To be better. No one should feel like they are invisible. Ever.

Moxie Moment:  I challenge you to make your light shine every day AND help others to shine just as brightly. xo. ~KG

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