The Secret to Success Revealed

When someone in your inner circle, say a friend, family member or close colleague, succeeds, gets promoted, or experiences an unexpected positive break in life, how do you respond?

Do you ever wonder, “What about me” or “Why isn’t it me?” Do you ever criticize or say, “It won’t last long” or “They’ll blow it in no time.” The way you respond to other’s success will determine the level of your own success. That’s deep stuff. And powerful. Whether you respond in a positive or negative way, you are opening or closing the doors of your future. You should be happy with those who are happy and celebrate with those who are celebrating their wins. You were born to be successful. Don’t ever let jealousy get in your way. There is enough success to go around! Let me repeat that…there is enough success for each and every one of us. So, don’t hold back! Look for opportunities to admire and celebrate the successes you see. You are setting the stage for your own victory party!

Share your Moxie: Today, make it a point to find someone who is celebrating and celebrate with them! Congratulate them on their success no matter how small it seems. And, share your success of the day, large or small, in the comment section below. xo. ~KG


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  1. Emily Obereder says:

    Absolutely beautiful! And so much truth and wisdom in this post. thank you!!

  2. You are welcome, Emily! You are so sweet – thanks for your comment! xo.

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