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FlipSwitchTyra Banks – yes that Tyra Banks of America’s Next Top Model fame, who just happens to be a Harvard Business School graduate with a reported net worth of $90 million (cuh-ray-zee, huh?), has created her own word: smize. It means “to smile with your eyes.”

I need to create a word that means smiling with your body, because that’s what I do.

It’s hard to explain because it’s such a physical experience, but I can turn my energy on and off like flipping on a light switch.

And when I’m totally and completely in the zone, OWNing the Room, and unstoppable?  That’s when my energy switch is flipped on to super-bright.

I’ve become very conscious of this over the years. 

There are times when I’ve found myself in a room that I perceived as intimidating, and I physically sensed myself shutting down and becoming smaller inside.  When I felt like that, I didn’t make an impression, and I didn’t OWN My Room.  In fact, I felt almost invisible as I blended into the crowd.

You may have had this experience.

This didn’t happen often, but when it did, I started to notice the outcomes.  I’ve trained myself to be more aware of and intentional about my energy.

Now, it’s almost an unconscious act for me to flip my energy switch on as I get ready to enter a room, begin a presentation, or lead a meeting.

Granted, this may sound a little out there for a minute, but I literally feel myself warming up inside. 

*SMH* Is this too woowoo?!? 

I’m convinced that people who can see auras would see mine radiating as if I were playing a symphony with my body.

Weird, huh? 

But super-cool at the same time. 

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Practice Your Moxie! I challenge you to become more aware of your own energy.  Visualize flipping it on like you would a light switch.  Can you feel the difference?  Try doing this before your next important meeting or presentation and notice the reactions you get.  Share, share, share in the comments below! And, share the Moxie by FB Liking it, Tweeting it, Pinning it, and +1’ing it! Freak ’em out with our woowoo badness on LinkedIn too! xo. ~KG

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