Unload Your Baggage!

Vector illustration of vintage suitcase isolated on white backgroundI want your dreams and ambitions to take you places you never thought you could go. I want you to soar and shine like the brightest shining star.

Sometimes, in order to do that, you have to check your emotional baggage at the gate.

DO NOT claim it at your destination.

“Ahem…Hello? Your attention please!

Will the owner of the overstuffed bag of doubts please pick up a courtesy phone? Your self-defeating crapola is waiting for you in baggage claim.”

Yes. Mental Baggage Claim. That’s where the crappity crap crap you insist on traveling with through life spins on the baggage carousel of your mind.

You know where you want your life to go, you’ve got all of the things you need to take off and then you hear that “announcement” in your head. “Attention: What you have to offer is already being done by someone who is more experienced, more established, more educated…. basically more better than YOU.”

Self doubt, regret, feelings of inadequacy?  They will ground your dreams every time.

Sometimes self-pity creeps in there too.

And, you know what? That’s exactly what it is. A PITY. Not for you, but for all the people that NEED your gift! The uniqueness that you bring to your field. The difference only YOU can make in the world.

So who exactly are you to withhold that from people who need you?

As of today, here’s what I want you to do:

Unplug that loud speaker.

Lose that baggage.

Leave it behind.

Anytime it shows up on that mental baggage carousel DO NOT claim it!

NO ONE else is you. No one else has your identical life experiences, insights and mad skillz.

That’s what makes you the irreplaceable, remarkableYou. You’re the perfect person for the job. Just as you are.

I want you to flip that “announcement” in your head. Attention: What you have to offer is already being done by someone who is not you. They can’t offer the world your experience, talents or even your MOXIE! …. NO ONE is more better than YOU.”

So next time you feel yourself letting your baggage ground your confidence, hold your motivation at the gate and delay your dreams from taking off – REFUSE to carry it on!

Recognize that it’s old crap that you don’t need where you’re going!

Moxie Check-In: Is there one small thing you’ve left behind… an action or to-do list item that you’ve been putting off? Just taking one small action will get you off the tarmac and taxiing toward your dreams. You are now cleared for take off! Fly, Sister, fly! xo. ~KG

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