What NOT to Wear

display-dummy-116694_640I love that show…love the simple guidelines for finding clothes that make every body look its’ very best. I was so sad watching the final episode.

But I have to admit that watching the secret footage of the fashion disasters is a tiny confidence booster for me because I have the fashion sense to NEVER be caught dead in those hideous outfits.

Okaaaayyyy…I’ve made a few teeny, tiny questionable fashion choices…particularly in the 80’s. (But man, did I love the 80’s!)

But back to the show – I always wonder how those women go YEARS without knowing how sketchy they look. Or worse, without realizing how their fashion choices have been holding them back from realizing their true potential in life…and in business!

So, are you making fashion faux pas that are holding you back? Here are a few fashion choices that will affect the way people perceive your potential without you saying a single word.

Tightie Whities

Do not under any circumstances wear something that is too tight – and please, please, please DO NOT wear something white and tight. You’ll grab their attention all right, but for the wrong reasons. You’ll be emphasizing all of your “special” qualities, especially your bad judgment!

We’re all champions in jumping to conclusions. When we’re not busy criticizing our own bodies, we’re comparing them to others. What do you think about a person who wears clothes that are too tight – white or not?

Doesn’t she realize we can see EVERYTHING?

How could she look in the mirror and think she looks good in that?

What could possible make her decide to wear THAT?

These are all negative statements about your self-awareness and decision-making abilities. If your wardrobe decisions are bad, can you be trusted to make good business decisions?


Wearing clothes that are roomy might feel comfy and hide all of the parts you don’t love, but they if they are too baggy they can make you look sloppy. Again it broadcasts a lack of self-awareness of your overall appearance. Baggy clothes can also send a really potential gut-punch – you lack confidence. YES! Sad but true.

Baggie clothes can make it look like you are hiding from the world, you feel insecure about yourself, or worse, you don’t care. How does that translate in the business world? You won’t be someone they can count on to come through when the pressure’s on. Is that you? OH, HELLZ NO!

Booby Prizes

Girls, girls, girls! Please keep the “girls” under cover. Completely under cover. Enough said. Something that shows too much “stuff” is sending a message that you need to delete!

What message are they thinking in the business world? She doesn’t know what is appropriate and we don’t want her representing us to clients. YIKES!!!

You are misrepresenting yourself! And the world needs you! Appearances do matter. It’s a fact of life. What if Michelle Obama showed up for a speaking engagement wearing a dress that was two sizes two small? That kind of fashion fail would be so loud it would completely eclipse her priceless gift to inspire women and young girls.

One Final Note

When you get it spot on and others compliment you on what you’re wearing…do NOT minimize it by saying something like, “Oh, it only came from Target” or “It only cost $30.” Instead, look them directly in the eye, say thank you, and then ZIP IT!

Don’t let your clothes (or your response) drown out your amazing grace, inner beauty and unique YOU. Let them proudly proclaim you’ve arrived, you’re fierce and you’re ready to be the change the world needs! Xo. ~KG

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