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Hey there, gorgeous, this is Kelli.  Thanks for stopping by! Why am I here?  For years, (seriously, for years) people have asked me for career advice.  Life advice, really.  Particularly women.

Without being arrogant, I’ve helped a lot of women to “find their fierceness” and kick some serious arse in this world.  Even though I’ve had a gratifying ride – climbing the corporate ladder before landing at one of the coolest little consulting firms ever – I still had an itch.

And then a crazy thing happened.  An astrologer told me that 2012 is the year that my stars are aligned!  She said that I need to take this show on the road and share the love. (In a totally cool, not freaky way, of course.)

What really motivates me from the inside out is doing meaningful work that truly makes a difference.  And the funny thing is, when I coach women to look for the meaning in what they are doing in life and use that to make a difference, happiness almost always follows. In my book, that’s like a formula for success.

So, yes, I’m starting this site to give career and life advice, but it’s bigger than that.

I’m starting a movement!

Have you ever heard the word “moxie”?  Because that’s what this is all about.  It’s about having the energy, courage, determination and know-how to create the career you love and the life you deserve.

So come on, are you with me?  We’ll be one, big, bodacious Moxie Squad!



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