What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

Inside each of our heads lives a storyteller. She narrates the events of our lives in real time. At any time you can write a new script. I am inviting you to stop right now, where you are in this moment of your life, and pay attention to what you are telling yourself. You don’t have to be a passive spectator in your life story. You can take control of your storyline. Always remember…if you don’t believe it will happen, it never will. And, many times, the real reward is in the risk you take. Be bold. Be courageous. Be sure to make your story an outrageous one!

I created a super cool “word cloud” (a visual representation of keywords) from some of the tactics in my book, Bring It, Bitches! The Stop-Waiting-Start-Doing Guide to OWNing Your Room and Your Career.  As I studied it, I saw a story develop.

Here it is:

  •  Talk Confidence
  • Speak Success
  • Make Power
  • Challenge First
  • Know.Hear.Feel
  • Big Accomplishments


Try it! It’s a fun exercise! What story do you see rising to the surface?

Just click here:  Bring It WordCloud


Moxie Mania:  Explore my word cloud and write down the first six ideas that pop out to you. Mix and match them to see your story emerge. Please share your story in the comments below. I’d love to see it! xo. ~KG


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