What’s Up With Your Face?

Blue eyeWhen it comes to non-verbal communication, it is your facial expressions that can be the most telling. In fact, you may even be able to advance your career by changing your facial expressions.

For Realz?

You might be surprised how others perceive your facial expressions. I mean, have you ever really thought about it?

The human face can make over 10,000 expressions. Seriously?!? Most of the time, your facial expressions are spontaneous…kinda on automatic pilot as an involuntary display of the emotion you are feeling.

Here’s the tricky part, particularly in business communications or negotiations… small subtleties represent the difference between one expression and another. Some last only a few seconds, and these can really give away your emotion.

So, think about it. What expressions do you show on your face when having a conversation with others? Are your expressions anxious and intense or open, relaxed and friendly?

Different looks, send different meanings.

And the eyes speak volumes.

Avoiding eye contact can imply embarrassment, shyness, or nervousness.

Looking long and hard at someone can be perceived as being aggressive.

Narrowing your eyes can suggest suspicion, and rolling your eyes can be a sign of irritation or whatever-ness.

Eyes let your audience see you as warm and caring or unfriendly and uncaring or upbeat and curious.

Truth is…facial expressions and eye contact can make a real difference in your career and the cash you bring in. Positive or negative. You choose.

Bottom line: your face is your moneymaker. Use it strategically, baby!

Practice Your Moxie: This week, be more aware of your facial expressions. Pull out a mirror {in private, please, or people might think you’re weird} and practice these emotions: happy, sad, surprise, fear, anger and disgust. Really pay attention to how your face feels as well as looks. xo. ~KG

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