Expert Coaching with KG

The You Rebel Program

Three full hours of coaching per month for six months

“I want my coach, and I want her now!” Real-time, Just-in-time Coaching (All the help you need, exactly when you need it.) This option is for rebels who work best outside of a routine or want to move extraordinarily fast. It’s also for those who prefer not to wait until a scheduled appointment to move forward and like to set their own schedule. We make our calls when you want them, for as long as you want them, and as often as you need them for up to 3 full hours per month. (And yes, we can schedule more than 3 hours per month and we’ll rate that time accordingly.) You may choose to break this out into four 45-minute calls, if you prefer consistency. Note: to keep you on track and for bookkeeping purposes, your time does not roll over into the next month, so use it!

The Sugar Bomb Program

Three 45-minute calls per month for three months

This option is for high achievers who want to take consistent action, and strategize, collaborate and brainstorm with me on any issues, critical meetings or assignments that come up. With this option, we schedule three solid 45-minute calls per month, one per week, to get you moving quickly, stay on track and eliminate any obstacles currently in your way so you can get things done faster and more confidently than you would on your own.

The Debutante Program

Two 45-minute calls per month for six months

This program was created for the independent self-starters who don’t want to speak as often as those in the You Rebel or Sugar Bomb Programs. It includes the same tools, resources and consistent action planning as the others, without the brainstorming or the added collaborative time with me. The focus is on solo assignments outside of the two 45-minute calls per month.

The Not So High Maintenance Program

Two 45-minute calls per month for six months

This option is designed for Maintenance for those who have completed at least 6 months of one of the other available programs.

The One Hit Wonder Program

One 50 minute call

This option is designed to address those unexpected issues or critical conversations that you’d like me to co-think with you. You may apply the fee for this one time session towards the purchase of any of the coaching packages if registered at the close of the call.

Shall we chat?

If you need a catalyst to give you a boost in your career or life, contact me to schedule an introductory chat! We’ll get to know each other and determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

Yes, I’d like to schedule a chat! (<– Click on the link. *wink*)

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