Workplace Olympics

In the spirit of the 2012 London Olympics, in which I am obsessed even though I don’t PLAY or WATCH sports…let’s talk about the “game(s)” played in the workplace. It sounds odd, but your workplace is a game.  Just like any of the Olympic games, it has rules, boundaries, winners, and losers. All of which require a strategy. As soon as you consider your workplace as a game, you begin to think, or play, more strategically.

The rules of the game change from company to company, so even though you may have cracked the code at one place, it will be different at another. Or, what works with one boss, might not work with another. Make a list of the “unwritten rules” at your workplace. Often times unwritten rules have to do with the number of hours people are expected to work, interactions with the boss, or the company culture. Things like:

  • Certain positions work 10+ hours each day.
  • Don’t ever publicly disagree with the boss.
  • Being polite is more critical than being right.
  • The customer is always right regardless of the impact on the team.
  • You must never go over or under budget.

Individuals who move quickly up the corporate ladder are those who recognize and master these unwritten rules rapidly. These are the ones to ask to be your mentor, as they understand how to play the game and can show you the ropes. If you’re called to the carpet for bending the rules or for a loose interpretation as you’re learning the ropes, don’t take it personally. This is a great opportunity to learn where the boundaries are.

Playing the game of business takes confidence, courage, and a strategy. When it comes to workplace games (also called workplace politics), think like an Olympian and go for the gold! You are a winner!

Share your Moxie:  Who is your favorite Olympic athlete? That Gabby Douglas is something, eh?! Share your fav in the comments section below. xo. ~KG

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  1. Tricia Richards says:

    Terrific insight! Thank you Kelli!

  2. Emily Obereder says:

    Wow-great, straight to the point stuff. Thanks Kelli!!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Tricia & Emily! Love you chicks! xo. ~KG

  4. So timely! Thinking more about the “Unwritten Rules” will help me be more strategic. Glad I logged on today. Thanks Kelli!

  5. Yay you, Melinda! You R-O-C-K! xo. ~KG

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