You Are Amazing. The End.

When you think about your past, what events do you remember? What memories do you allow to play over and over in your mind? Are they all of the kick ass things that have happened in your life, or do you dwell on the disappointments that have, well…kicked yours?

Today, I challenge you to intentionally focus on your accomplishments. As in, pull out a piece of paper or open a new document and start a list. Think back over the last 30 – 45 days and write down every single positive thing that you have achieved. They don’t have to be complicated or profound. Sometimes small victories are the sweetest. I don’t want you to stop until you have a list of 25 accomplishments. You might get stuck somewhere near the middle, but keep going! The ones near the end of the list are almost always the most meaningful.

When you’ve made it to 25, take a few minutes to reflect on how amazing you truly are. And you are amazing – you were made to accomplish great things! Focusing on your disappointments and failures will only drain your energy and mess with your confidence. The more you focus on your achievements; you will create a kind of force field of positivity that will attract more amazing things your way. It sounds a little out there, I know, but trust me it works! Dream big, play big, and BRING IT!

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